Friday, March 2, 2012

You deserve absolutely everything.

There is a really weird perception circulating the gaming community. This is the perception that the people who make games don't owe you anything. How much of a fucking loser do you have to be to believe this is true? How much of a fucking loser do you have to be to sit back in your chair and say:

"Yeah, they're right. I should be happy paying $50-60 for a game, regardless of the quality." 

I just cannot understand this. I'm not the biggest fan of capitalism, but even I recognize that the producer should be a slave to the consumer.

Alright, that's fair enough, but now I'm left sixty dollars in the hole with a game I don't fucking like and apparently can't fucking play. You could argue that I should have done some more research to find out whether or not I would like the game. And I could argue that they should have made a game that was actually fun to play. Regardless, in my previous article, I talked about how games journalism and game reviewers are useless. Even if I wanted to carefully research my game to find its quality prior to actually playing it, I really couldn't. The tools aren't there. Short of watching someone play the entire game, I'm not really going to know whether or not I will like it.

There are alternatives. Renting (which you can't do for PC Games) and Piracy (which is frowned upon) are two such substitutes. But they ultimately aren't the solution.

It becomes even more absurd when you are told that you also aren't allowed to complain about a game that you haven't played. Which is it? I can't play the game if I don't like it, but I'm not allowed to dislike it if I haven't played it. You can't have both, asshole.

"If you don't like the game, then that's fine. But don't just come in here and complain!"

What am I supposed to do? Write a strongly worded letter to EA that their latest release of Madden was subpar? Actually what I'm more concerned about is why you aren't complaining. Some of my favorite games have flaws, but there are limits. Exactly how much are you willing to put up with before you hang your head and admit that it isn't a very good game?

this is a finished game.

Why aren't people demanding more from games? I spend a lot of time and money playing with these turds, so I at least expect them to have some polish. At the very least I'd like it if they didn't smell so bad. We're even at an age where Game Developers expect us to pay for unfinished games, with the promise of patches and content added after the fact. Don't even get me started about Day One DLC.

not only an acceptable business practice, but an expected one.

People should be demanding more because that is how the consumer based industry works. When the Chevrolet Corvair was produced in 1959 and people found out that the car literally was not safe to drive, do you think people just threw up their arms and said "If you don't like it don't drive it."? No! Some asshole called Ralph Nader wrote a fucking book and now cars are safer to drive for it.

thanks ralph. 

Is it fair to compare the quality of video games to the life or death prospect of car safety? Not really, but this is what I have to resort to. This is the only way to make people understand. If a game is too buggy, or poorly designed, or just not fun to play, raise your voice! Complain, and explain to the game developer exactly why they did a shitty job, and why you won't be buying games from them anymore.

Come on, they can do better than this and you know it.

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